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To Create A Profitable Event, You Have To Book The Right Act For Your Audience.

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It can feel like a gamble



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UseOpus Helps You Find The Right Act for Any Event or Occasion to Give Your Audiences an Experience to Remember

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"My aim is to offer the global hospitality and events industry a uniquely comprehensive entertainment tool, based on 50 years experience, expertise and connections, backed up by up-to-the-minute technology.”

Michael Gelardi, Chairman

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All acts within the database have been approved by specialists to help ensure your event is a success

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Say goodbye to all the time wasted searching through profiles that aren’t the right fit

Built By Specialists

The minds behind the machine have helped thousands of venues and bookers create successful events

Give Your Audiences An Experience To Remember

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Organising events is never easy. Finding the right talents for the right occasion and the right market can be extremely challenging, even with years of experience under your belt – never mind if you’re new to the industry.

Booking artists can often feel like a gamble – are they the right choice for your event? Will they sell enough tickets? And then, of course, there’s the added stress of marketing your event and managing the budget. It really shouldn’t be this difficult to organise events in the digital age. Finally, there is now an easy solution – UseOpus.

Allowing you to choose, book and produce the perfect act, this is a ground-breaking tool for organising events on any scale. Crafted by industry experts, the app brings together 30 years of international experience in selecting the right act for the right market – and always at the best price.

Cutting through the overload of information that organisers face today online and offline, Use Opus makes success easy – bringing clear, trusted principles to bear on all the complexities and headaches of events organisation.

The app is designed around a directory of professionally vetted music and entertainment talent that is constantly growing and evolving. This ensures that whatever the occasion, your events will attract customers and drive business.

Walking you through every step of the process, Use Opus also provides professional guides and all the support services needed to ensure that your event runs perfectly.

So remove the financial risk that comes with events organisation and let a team of experts guide you to success. Make the process stress-free every time and enjoy the journey to creating great events that your customers will never forget.


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“In our industry, there are lots of complicated moving parts and there weren’t many alternative solutions for what we needed. TitusX has managed to design and build some awesome solutions that have automated all our paper-pushing, which has done wonders for our productivity and has given us more time to focus on growing the business”

Francesca Burcham

COO, Natural Nurture
"Whilst we were really confident in the capabilities and benefits of our new proposition, we were struggling to articulate them in a way that would best resonate with our target audience. TitusX was able to translate these benefits into beautiful, bite size campaigns that really brought our propositions to life."

Jack Vaughan

Creative Director, Glide
"TitusX are a delight to work with. They quickly understood our complicated tasks, and, importantly, were patient when we made changes to those tasks. They are timely and responsive and always good at keeping us up to date with their process. I look forward to working with them on future projects."

Leila Hock

Director, Diversity Lab
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Lead Generation

This is where you put the lead generator. Make sure it offers immediate value and creates a sense of reciprocity in your customers. This is where you collect emails. (Add email form.)


Find the Right Act for Any Event or Occasion